Meditation In Everyday Life:

A 5-Week Series

with Geoff Cox
5-Week Series
Mondays, Sept 18 - Oct 16
7:30 - 9:00 PM ​
Cost: $65/series

While meditation has many benefits, establishing a consistent personal practice can be extremely challenging for both new and experienced meditators alike. This is a perfect course for you whether you have never tried meditation, tried it and decided "it is not for me" or "I am no good at this", or whether you are an experienced meditator looking to connect with community and go deeper with your practice.


This five-week Mindfulness Meditation program is designed to help new and experienced meditators develop a regular practice and bring the benefits of mindfulness meditation to their daily lives. As we begin to practice on a regular basis, we learn to relax and simply be with whatever is going on in our lives. Over time, this meditation helps us to cultivate courage, humor, and stability in the face of daily complexities of jobs, relationships, and all aspects of daily life.


As a theme throughout the course, we’ll explore how creating stability and gentleness in our minds can expand outward to benefit our friends, family, neighbors, and society as a whole.


Meditation in Everyday Life is the first class in Shambhala Training, a complete path of weekly classes and weekend retreats that provides a comprehensive overview of mindfulness and contemplative meditation techniques. In addition, Shambhala Training presents profound, simple and incredibly relevant teachings on how we can bring our meditation practice into every facet of daily life.






About the Teacher

Geoff Cox is a Meditation Instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition and has been practicing and studying meditation for over ten years. He teaches meditation at UVA, leads teen and adult meditation retreats, and mentors young meditation leaders around the country in facilitating the practice of social meditation, a meditative practice in social engagement and communication. He is passionate about the connection between meditation practice, community building and creating a culture of authenticity, kindness and mindfulness. Geoff is also a licensed acupuncturist, a trauma-informed bodyworker and Qi Gong teacher, and a certified Integral Associate Coach™ and Heartmath® Coach. 

Meditation in Everyday Life combines technique and view in a setting of support and community to provide you with everything you need to build a healthy, strong meditation practice.


Five 1.5 hour-long classes cover the following ground:


Class 1: Posture & Foundations of Meditation

Class 2: Breath & Feeling our Emotions

Class 3: Challenges and Solutions

Class 4: Thoughts & Understanding our Human Worthiness

Class 5: Bringing it Together & Going Out Into the World

Tuesday May 8th - 29th
 7:30-9:00 PM

The Basic Goodness

of Conflict:

Mindful Explorations

in Conflict Liberation

This Class will focus on:

  • Exploring our relationship to conflict    in a supportive community

  • Learning Mindfulness Meditation        (a practice of self-conflict liberation)

  • Understanding Our own conflict style

  • Practical skills for Relating to Conflict

  • Capacity building practices to increase our ability to navigate the challenging emotions that come with conflict in a way that leads to transformation and liberation

Drop-ins welcome at any point
in the series

By Donation ($5-15 recommended per class)

To say that human beings are fundamentally good at their core as an abstract idea is a powerful proclamation, but to experience the depth of that truth even in the midst of seemingly intractable conflict is another thing entirely. 


Conflict is at the heart of what it means to be alive. It shows up in our relationships with our own mind, in our relationships with others, in communities, and in the global issues that threaten our shared future.  It is also a force that paves the way for exciting new possibilities and is fundamental to any understanding of evolution in ourself and the world. And at the same time it can be incredibly painful, challenging, and confusing to be with.


In this class we will be diving into the Shambhala Buddhist perspective of basic goodness and how that can be applied in the most practical and profound way to the conflicts we face every day inside us and around us.


We will use meditation, discussion, partner dialogue and teachings about conflict to understand our own relationship to conflict. We will also explore practices and perspectives that will help us move toward the challenging spots in our lives with strength, compassion, curiosity, and care.


Our class will be a living exploration in creating a brave space of authenticity, deep care, radical responsibility and presence.  


Geoff Cox is a Meditation Instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition and has been studying and practicing conflict transformation for over ten years. He teaches mindful communication at UVA, leads teen and adult meditation retreats, and mentors young meditation leaders around the country in facilitating the practice of social meditation, a meditative practice in social engagement and communication.  Geoff is also a licensed acupuncturist, a trauma-informed bodyworker and Qi Gong teacher, and a certified Integral Professional Coach™. 

The Shambhala Meditation Group of Charlottesville group is part of the global Shambhala community which aspires to awaken kindness, goodness and wisdom within society. The Shambhala vision is rooted in the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness.

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